Coronavirus FAQ

Let’s face it, this past 2 years have been a time none of us expected, the word ‘unprecedented’ has been thrown around more times that it probably ever has in history! We appreciate that this may have caused you some worry over the health of your family and friends, as well as worries for your wedding plans. We’ve therefore put this FAQ together to try and help navigate you through what to do if your plans are disrupted due to Covid-19. 

How will Government guidelines affect our wedding?

The Government have changed the rules around weddings numerous times throughout the years in response to the number of Covid-19 cases locally and country-wide. Whilst we frustratingly cannot predict what the situation will be when your day arrives, below are the alert levels you could possibly face:

National Lockdown (current) - Weddings will not be permitted to take place except where one of those getting married is seriously ill and not expected to recover. These weddings are limited to 6 people.

Tier 3: Very High - Weddings can go ahead with restrictions up to 15 attendees. However, wedding receptions are not allowed.

Suppliers currently do not count as one of your 15 guests and you can check the government website here to see the current status of your area. 

Tier 1 & 2: Medium & High - Weddings can go ahead with restrictions up to 15 attendees for ceremonies and receptions.

If there is a lockdown over our wedding day, what should we do?

We understand this can be super stressful and we want to ensure you know my priority is to help you through this. Your Wedding will need to change course, but this doesn’t mean you need to lose all the suppliers you love and chose in the first place.

First thing is to contact the venue and registrars. Ask them for several possible dates to reschedule to, then contact each of your suppliers and see if you can organise everyone to reschedule to your new date. 

We will work with you on this and give you lots of dates which you can transfer our services to. If we are available on your new date, we will move your date over with no extra charge. If we am not available on your new date then we cannot reschedule with you. The best case scenarios is we can all do your new chosen date!

What happens if you’re not available on our new date?

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that if you cannot find a date all of your vendors can reschedule to, you may have to compromise on changing some of your vendors. If you are restricted or unwilling to compromise dates, days or seasons and absolutely cannot be flexible to have a date we am available on, then you will have to cancel your booking with us.

Please let us know if you have wedding insurance, most couples do and have been using their insurers advise to navigate through this crisis. In some cases the insurance company will most likely pay our rescheduling charges. However, if you don’t have wedding insurance then we will not charge for rescheduling to a new date. This is at our financial loss, so please please do let us know if you do have insurance. 

What if we decide to cancel due to our date being during a lockdown?

We really hope with all of our hearts that this situation doesn't occur, but if you decide to cancel, we totally understand and will absolutely respect your decision. 

All monies paid expect the deposit will be refunded. This will be to cover the time we have spent on your booking so far and this is complying legally with the CMA guidelines (which you can find here). Please bear in mind that we may have had lots of enquiries that we may have turned away for your date and may not be able to get another booking after you cancel with us.

There isn’t a lockdown but we have decided to cancel.

If you wish to cancel but there are no Government rules which state your day cannot go ahead at the time of cancellation (whether there are restrictions in place or not), your cancellation will fall under our original terms and conditions which you can find on our Wedding Terms and Conditions page.

What if you catch Covid-19?

We am taking all the necessary and advised precautions to prevent ourselves from catching and spreading the virus. We have both been double vaccinated and try to avoid close contact while at weddings. We have home tests and if feeling unwell, will always take a test to be safe. If we do catch Covid right at the time of your wedding, we won’t attend and risk putting anyone at risk. Instead, we will do our best to find a replacement photographer and/or videographer for your wedding straight away. We're in regular and close contact with a network of talented and amazing professionals who have agreed to support us if this situation occurs.

What if we have to move the wedding because we have Covid-19?

Fingers crossed this won't happen, but if it does, your wedding insurance will hopefully cover you. It’s worth checking with them now what would happen in this case. Most vendors would stipulate in their contracts that you would still be liable for fees, but hopefully your wedding insurance would cover it. As uncomfortable as this is to write, contractually it would be the same for us, but our first preference would be to move the wedding to another available date at no extra cost and in accordance with our original T&Cs.

What if we live outside of the UK and cannot travel?

If you have a wedding booked in the UK and due to government restrictions in your own country or due to UK travel restrictions, you cannot enter to attend your wedding, we would advise rescheduling. We do not charge a fee for rescheduling in these circumstances and will carry your deposit to your new date. We understand that making this decision wont be easy , but by giving us, your venue and other vendors as much notice as possible, means we can do our best to help move your booking to a new date that everyone can do.

We will work with you to try and find a date that we can all reschedule to, but f you decide to reschedule to a date that we are not available on, this will sadly mean you will need to cancel your booking with us and our standard cancellation terms and conditions will apply. Terms are available to view online here.

What does our contract say?

If you have already booked, you should have received a link to your contract via email.. Standard terms and conditions which are part of every contract are available to view online here.

While it can be all too easy to get caught up in the negativity surrounding the pandemic, we'd love for you to see your wedding as the magical day it will be and as something joyous to look forward to. We are here to help you navigate through this weird old time and want only for you to enjoy this whole experience as much as you possibly can. If you have any concerns that you wish to discuss with us at any point, please do just let me know and we can chat!

Biggest love, best of health and positivity to you all.

Amy & Nick