Firstly, I’d like to start with saying - lets have fun! Photo shoots can be a little daunting for some - posing in front of a stranger is out of most peoples comfort zones, but it’ll just be you guys and me so let’s just have fun with it! I like to think of my sessions as more of a photography experience, than simply a means to get some couple or family photos. Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful nature North Devon has to offer is what I’m all about. I want you to enjoy your time with me so you’ll not only get some gorgeous photos but we can create some lovely memories too.

Timing is Key! 

My photography is encompassed around natural lighting, therefore choosing the time of the day is key when planning our session. ‘The Golden Hour’ is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset, when the sun is low and give a gorgeous glow. This is when I prefer to shoot, and these timings vary throughout the year (but not to worry, as your photographer I will work the exact timing out for us!). If it's looking like it’s going to be a cloudy day, not to worry as this is actually great lighting for photos!

What we want to avoid most is the harsh midday sun, as this can cast some unwanted shadows across the face and body and no one wants squinty faced photos.

The Location 

When deciding on the location, think of places that are special to you, as oppose to places that are just convenient. If you surf, then let’s go roam Saunton, Croyde, Woolacombe or Westward Ho! beach? If you ride horses, let’s visit the stables. If your favourite walk is through the Lee woods or Whistland Pound, let’s visit there. I want your photos to be meaningful to you. Just be cautious about choosing a location that may be busy with lots of people around and if you’re stuck for where to go, check out my blog on 'The Best North Devon Locations for Photos'. If you want multiple locations to get more diversity in the photos we produce, let's do it! Just be mindful that travel time will be included in the allocated time of your package.

What to Wear

Take your North Devon photo session as the perfect excuse to dress up! I want you to feel great about yourself and I want the photos to reflect that. I encourage you to dress in something gorgeous and flattering, something that will make you proud to hang your photo on the wall at home, something that you feel comfortable in. If you can’t decide between outfits - bring a second! Switching up outfits, layers or accessories can give more diversity to the photos, and results in you receiving photos with multiple looks. Just be mindful of your allocated time.

Neutral tones are always a great option, not only because they go well together, but because they’re timeless. Above all, coordinating between your group is key to a well styled shoot. Choose 3-4 neutral colours as a base, and then have every person use those colours to coordinate their own outfit, switching up tones and textures. For a timeless look try to avoid matching outfits, bright colours, big wording and neon colours. Limit patterns to one person so to avoid clashing.

Want More Inspiration?

Follow the link below to view some mood boards I've put together to give you more inspiration for what to wear to your North Devon photo shoot. Whether you're having an autumnal photo session, bouncing around with me in Spring, having a sunset session on the beach, or wrapping up for Winter, hopefully you'll find something that you love.


Fire away! I want to make sure you have a great experience with me so any questions you have, just ask. If you want to send me photos of the outfits you cant decide between, or if you want help picking the location or date - I'm here. I'll work with you to ensure you get the most out of your photo shoot with me, so we can create the most beautiful photos possible.