Sitting around the lounge room with a hot cuppa and a few friends, showing off your wedding photos the best possible way, is what wedding albums are all about. We all love sharing our photos and memories on social media, but some things are much too special to be kept on social media or a hard drive. Like your wedding photos. It is so nice holding them and walk through each image with your hands and sharing their stories. Not just today, but for years to come. With new and old family members. With friends from next door or high school friends that have been hanging around for the last 20 years! Young and old, everyone appreciates a good story and a good book.

Our Albums are designed the old fashion way / by a human! Amy spends a lot of time getting every photo placed perfectly and retaining the flow of the story. She colour corrects and works closely with the printing lab to ensure the best possible results. I spend a lot of time in front of a screen editing and making sure all the images are just right and it really is rewarding to be able to hold the finished product.

Our Albums come standard as a 12 inch by 12 inch square. The album covers come in three different styles and lots of colours! The paper stock it self is unbelievable and the seamless binding means theres no messy lines down the middle of the book. That means we can print full page spreads without loosing any of the image. Aside from all that, they just look incredible!!

Vegan Friendly,

Handmade in the UK.

We spent lots of time carefully sourcing a print supplier who would deliver only the highest quality products for your most treasured memories and wanted to ensure they aligned with our values too. With an aim to be as eco-conscious as possible, our supplier is based in the UK and the products we have chosen are all handmade and vegan-friendly.

12 x 12" Fine Art Albums

Your precious wedding images and memories weren’t created to sit on a USB forever. These are your memories, and your memories are meant to last. Don’t let them die on a screen.

In a world of digital photography where all of our images live on our computers, being able to hold a physical, tangible item that directly connects you to the story of your wedding day, is to me, quite simply the most beautiful way to celebrate your little legacy.

Mini Duplicates

Our 6" x 6" Mini Copies are a really lovely way for your clients to thank family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’re direct copies of our larger albums and are made in exactly the same way, with the same high quality materials and to the same exacting standards. They even come cocooned in a cotton bag and in their own presentation box.

As they’re so portable, Mini Copies let recipients easily share your images with other family and friends and relive the special day. They’re keepsakes to cherish forever.

Album Pricing

10 spread

Average 32 photos

from £475

25 spread

Average 80 photos

from £755

50 spread

Average 160 photos

from £1230

Mini 6x6" Duplicate pricing

10 spread

Average 32 photos


15 spread

Average 48 photos


20 spread

Average 64 photos


Album Cover Options

Vegan Leather

A vegan-friendly alternative to leather is available in eight beautiful colours carefully selected to complement a wide variety of styles and themes. A PU-based material, it’s wonderfully soft with a leather-

like feel and is well suited to personalisation.

Heritage Cotton

100% cotton fabric with a tactile open weave in four natural, two-toned colours. Perfect if you’re looking for a more rustic, neutral finish.

Pastel Cotton

Our light and fresh Pastel Fabric range is a rayon-based material

manufactured with the utmost attention to protecting and conserving natural resources. With the same eco-credentials as our Paste Fabric, the rayon-based Bold Fabric allows you to make a statement.

Cover Personalisation

Small details mean a lot. For a greater personal touch you can add names, dates, bespoke emblems of initials and more.

Blind Debossing

Some might call it blind blocking or stamping, but it’s all the same magical process. Using traditional methods, letters are pressed into the cover without ink or foil for an elegant, classic presentation that’s wonderful to the touch.

Available on vegan leather albums only

Gold & Silver Foiling

Our supplier uses heat to transfer metallic foil to our albums for an eye-catching enhancement.

Available on pastel cotton and vegan leather albums.


The latest digital technique in personalisation which involves printing directly on to a material in either black or white ink

Available on all albums.

Album Presentation Boxes

An elegant Clamshell Box takes the luxury of our Fine Art Books to a new level. It makes bringing the album out for viewing a truly special occasion, every time, and helps to protect it for decades to come.


Can I choose which photos go in the album myself?

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Can I choose to have my own personalisations?

Of course!

Do you have a question?

Vix ut utinam feugait. Eu scribentur liberavisse nec. Dico fugit nostro cu pri, no putent nemore mel, ius at minim molestiae.

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